Super PACS

I don't understand why democratic mega-donors don't create Super PACS to split Republican voters.  Basically, they should be running and supporting "alternative" Republican candidates for every election.  In the Alabama Senate race they should be running ads to support every possible Republican white-in candidate.  They should create a functional political party that is pro-conservative values, but anti-corporate greed.  And another party that is just the opposite.  Super PACS are terrible for democracy and terrible for this county, but if they are allowed to exist, the Democrats should use them wisely.

Why can't somebody just be fired when they deserve it

“I got a bet,” he continued. “I bet by the time you’re 21, someone’s going to put a bullet right through your head, O.K.? And it might be me, the one that does it.”

That was a high school science teacher, caught on videotape, threatening a student.  There is no ambiguity here.  There are dozens of witnesses.  Yet, the teacher is currently on "paid administrative leave".  What is the problem here; if the video is confirmed (which should take about 15 minutes after asking the students in the room) this person should be fired immediately.  He should be barred from teaching in any public school for 10 years, and the teacher's union should applaud that decision.  I will never, ever understand why teachers' union depend those who represent the very worst of teachers. 

There might be instances of "gray areas", but this is not one of them. A teacher is literally suggesting that he might mu…

Turn off the lights

It might have taken a long time, but my father eventually succeeded in impacting a message in my brain to turn of the lights, especially at night or when I'm leaving the house.  Every night, there is a voice in my head that demands that I turn off the lights.  Every morning, before I leave for work, I go around the house and turn off all the lights that were left on.  Deep inside my subconscious, there is a little voice that is worried about this. 

However, it is worth worrying about?  I know have LED light bulbs in almost every sockets.  Where there was once a 100 watt bulb, now there is a 13 watt bulb.  Say I have 30 bulbs in my house, at an average of 13 watts (although it is probably less because a lot of the bulbs are smaller candelabra style at only 6 watts).  That 390 watts.  If I run the lights 24 hours a day, it would total $410/year (according to this online calculator).  Say that I am vigilant and only run the lights 4 hours/day, that would cost $68/year.  To leave my li…

Republicans and why they don't want to succeed

If you are a Republican in Congress and you have been running on a platform of dismantling Obamacare, reducing taxes, and deregulating business; what will you run on if you actually achieve those things.  However, if you come really close to those goals, but don't actually pass meaningful legislation, you can continue to run on that same platform forever.  You can continue to blame the democrats and maintain an urgency to get more seats in Congress to actually pass the laws they "wanted" the entire time.

Mueller Investigation

What I found most compelling about the first indictments from the Mueller special investigation was that it revolved around various types of financial fraud.  Although, I am reluctant to believe that Trump actively and personally colluded with the Russians (and not because the Russians didn't try), I would definitely believe that Trump committed a variety of financial crimes over the past 40 years (tax evasion, lying on paperwork, and potentially money laundering). There have been some pretty well known instances of Trump using very sketchy financial tactics, including keeping multiple sets of books, and vastly complicated ownership structures.  The Trump Organization is very large, but is privately held and therefore they are no external stock owners to review financial records.  According to Trump's FEC disclosure form, it lists him as a director or president of 515 different LLCs.  I think it is mostly legitimate for the Mueller to investigate if Russian money went to Trump…

Trump Allies?

Steve Bannon is trying to replace (almost) all established Republican Senators with people that more closely match his political philosophy.  Assuming he is able to replace even one Senator with his own choice in 2018, how will the Republican Senators who are up for re-election in 2020 react (Only 8 Rep Senators are up for election in 2018, but there are 22 in 2020)?  Will Trump actively support the Bannon candidates, even through he would be going against sitting Republicans?  If he doesn't, will his base be disappointed that he isn't standing with them?

Will the Republican Senators continue to support Trump even through Bannon is trying to get them replaced?  Will they become so "loyal" that Bannon doesn't need to bother?  Or will they turn on Trump to protect themselves?  What a mess.

Desperate Choices

It has been over a decade since people thought the Congress was going an barely acceptable job (when they had a pathetic 40% approval rating).  In the last six years, it has gotten even worse, with the approval rating consistently less than 20%.  However, elected officials, from both parties, continued to get re-elected and act in ways that is unproductive for this country.  In the last presidential election, it was clear that people desperately wanted something different, anything but the status quo.  Now Steve Bannon is doubling down on this sentiment and trying to run his own candidates against incumbent Republicans.  Those incumbents are very upset and perhaps they should be thinking "well, I did nothing for the people, I knew they disapproved of me, I didn't try to change, I kept taking money from special interests, but I never thought people who have a choice other than me".  Sadly, this new choice comes from a political and social philosophy that is frightening.  …

Enough is Enough - Saying Good Bye to the J-E-T-S

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I have been a Jets fan my entire life; 40 years of cheering for the team that Joe Namath led to the Superbowl.  Around the moment of my conception, the Jets actually waived Joe Namath, unceremoniously throwing away their greatest legend.  They replaced him with Richard Todd, yes that's the same Richard Todd that nobody can remember.  That was the start of my life with the Jets. 

In that time, I have seen the Jets rise and fall, up and down, never once getting back to the Super Bowl.  I can handle the losing, but over the past five years a new thought has slowly grown in the recesses of my conscious.  The Jets are a poorly run franchise, both unprofessional and incompetent.  This is just a fact. They are unable to draft good players on any consistent basis, the ownership is repellent and uninterested, the coaches are overwhelmed, and the players don't seem to have any passion for the game.  Their owner, Woody Johnson was born into the Johnson and Jo…